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reflections on some lineages of the human condition

Cheers for America’s Children of 2020!

Cheers for America’s Children of 2020!







How rousing and exhilarating is the spirit and energy of the many-hued cast of the musical Hamilton! How well it mirrors – in advance – the demographic change predicted to occur in the year 2020. That’s when, according to the US Census Bureau:

  • Most of the nation’s children will not be of European descent.

Or, to put it another way,

  • Children of solely European descent or origin will be fewer in number in the US than the children of indigenous, and/or African, and/or Asian descent or origin, and certainly, much fewer in number than the children of “mixed” ancestral heritages.

Question for all:

What does this mean for me and “my people”?

Do I feel excited by this change? Eager to add more shadings to my own family’s repertoire of choices and imaginings?

Or am I so frightened that I can only hope that walls, deportations, and exclusions will somehow stave off the inevitable just a little bit longer?

While we consider these options, families as varied as the cast of Hamilton are being formed every day, and they are growing. How can I not cheer their beautiful children?!

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